Thanks for stopping by

First Reassembler regular to show up: David K, right out of the blocks (mid-Jan 2007).

Early comments from colleagues such as Rob O’Regan, Michael Goldberg, Michael Fitzgerald, Christopher Murray, David Churbuck , Fred Hapgood most ardently appreciated.

First Matt Phelps comment: Feb 19 2007.

Chessloser: April 2007. (I include Chessloser because I want to be cool by association :)

First Liquid Egg Sighting (that I can find, tho I thought it was earlier): June 2007. Tim N: June 2007. Howard G: July 2007. Greg K: September 2007. Also notably early: Harvey R., Blunderprone.


2 thoughts on “Thanks for stopping by

  1. Well, you’re interesting enough so that we keep coming back. This is a testament to your interestingness.

    June 2007 is the earliest, as I’d just started using WordPress (which is how I found you, chessloser, and l3rucewayne.)

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