Word of the day: wanton

Field (2175) – Slater (2080)  Cincinnati Open 1947 (approx)

1.e4 e6  2.d4 d5  3.e5 c5  4.c3 Nc6  5.Nf3 Bd7 

6.a3 c4  7.g3 Qb6  8.Bg2 f6  9.Qe2 fxe5  10.Nxe5 Nxe5

 11.Qxe5 Nf6  12.0-0 Bd6  13.Qg5 0-0  14.Nd2 Rae8 

blaze of glory and all that, wot wot?

15.Nf3 Ne4 

16.Qe3 e5  [see diagram 1]

“Wanton” comes from proto-Germanic roots meaning something like “lacking” + “discipline”; in old high German it means “ill bred”, or as my friend Cassandra used to say, “Ain’t got no home training.”

Should not be confused with the Chinese appetizer.
17.Nxe5 Rxe5 

18.dxe5 Bc5

19.Qe2 [see Diagram 2]

if it's better to be lucky than good...


How much cooler can it get than sacrificing a pawn WITH CHECK? When you’re already down material? And the answer is: None. None more cooler.

20.Bxd5+ Kh8

21.e6 Bc6

White makes a second consecutive boo-boo.

22.Qc4 Bb5

23.Qb3 Ng4+ 

24.Kh1 Rxf1+ 

25.Kg2 0-1


9 thoughts on “Word of the day: wanton

  1. Yeah, but back in ’47 people didn’t realize that the French Defense was losing.

    7. g3?? c’mon dude!!

  2. g3 is how you are supposed to play it, not too many people know that (now that I let cat out of the bag I will have to brush up this line).

    Oh, and good illustration of what happens if you take on e5 with wrong piece.

  3. Matt – oh, you missed another Matt cue. Too preoccupied with the French to tip your hat to The Tap, I guess.

    Denys – I believe I saw you splatter Bill Kelleher in an a3 advance variation – New England Open 18 months ago?

  4. p.s. As we also say in the south, Where’s Donnie At?

    Probably distracted with some triviality like work or family, instead of focusing on Eggony 3.0 and making wry comments on my blog.

    Donnie – see what I did here? You mentioned “word of the day” posts so I show you one but then I curveball it and make it a chess post. So reassembler-y.

  5. p.p.s. That auto-gen “possibly related post” about Kamsky is quite funny. I confess I previously had the distant impression that the author was kind of an ass – sorry Mark, and hey BTW, are you related to Jeff? – but here he is saying stuff like “Topalov’s team, which will have read my analysis”, which is exactly the sort of silly tripe I like to say and thus makes him okay in my book. (Or else makes me an ass too. Comments welcome.)

  6. Holy crap, you said “ass”. Think of the children.

    I did see what you did there. I also noted your foresighted prophylaxis by mentioning the Chinese food pun, nullifying any “wanton soup” jokes.

    By the way, it was rumored there’s a usable plugin or widget for chess games that can be used on wordpress.com sites now. Too lazy to verify.

  7. You know how you have a friend who doesn’t swear much, and when for whatever reason he does, he sounds ridiculous? That’s me. Not good at swearing – or being mean, even when I’m trying. I just make myself look like an idiot.

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