Distinct voices

This woman,  Joanna Newsom, sounds weird.

This is nothing like her speaking voice.

Why would you sing in such an odd manner? Well, she’s far from the only one to adopt a strange affectation for performance.

Did you know Barry Gibb didn’t sing in falsetto until 1974, when the Brothers Gibb had already been performing together for about 16 years?

And this brings us (naturally!) to the story of Quorthon. He’s widely regarded as a founder of Black Metal, which sounds like this, only sometimes even more screechy or growly:

I like to imagine that when Quorthon first performed his new genre, some friends dug it but others said, “Buddy, nice tune but your singing is terrible.” Undeterred, Quorthon created a band called Bathory and did black metal for several years.

Then one day he woke up and said, you know, the voice thing is a little off-putting. So then he went epic and founded what’s known as Viking Metal:

Note: This depiction of Quorthon’s evolution (or the reasoning behind it anyway) is fictional. My main point was to become the first and only person in the world to include Quorthon, the Bee Gees and Joanna Newsom in the same blog post, just as I may be the only person to ever eat Hormel chili over quinoa.

See, Reassembler has a distinct voice as well :)


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  1. 2:09 and following of the below song is what immediately came to mind before I reached the surprise point of your post.

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