I did not think of that

Most of the world thinks that soccer-mad powerhouse Brazil will crush simply-mad North Korea in today’s World Cup matchup.

Roger Bennett has the inside scoop on why it won’t go that way:

The North Koreans will either get absolutely tonked as Brazil seeks to bolster its goal difference ahead of forthcoming showdowns against the Ivorians and the Portuguese … OR the six months of intensive training the North Koreans experienced will enable them to channel the spirit of 1966 and shock the world. My money is on the latter. Coach Kim Jong-Hun has revealed that Kim Jong-il, the supreme leader of North Korea, transmits in-game advice via mobile phones which are invisible to the naked eye — a technology that the Dear Leader, something of an amateur Steve Jobs, apparently developed himself. Place your bets now.

Supreme dictators really have unfair advantages in almost everything.


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