Top Chef 7: Dear John

Hoo boy, another Top Chef? What are they doing now, four seasons per year? And they’re down to Washington DC, which means the next three editions will be in Sheboygan, Newark and Bakersfield?

Alright alright. All this cynicism, and I actually had no idea whatsoever that a new season was starting – just hit it by sheer random luck because I’m too tired to do anything but watch TV tonight – and yet after about 3 minutes there I was, totally into it.

Sad that they sent the weird guy packing. I thought he might be another incarnation of Carla, providing positive energy and happy chakras and beautifully aligned chi and good feng-shui and whatever in an otherwise brimming vat of testosterone and vitriol.

Nice guys finish last and only the good die young, isn’t that what they say?