How does your garden grow?

There it is in its full glory.

It is full of two things: ripening vegetable plants, and mistakes. But Thomas Jefferson said something like “I am an old man but a young gardener,” so one mustn’t be derailed just because one put the tomato plants too close together.

It is very amusing to sit at the window in the evening and watch the bunnies hop in slow laps around the fence, wishing.

don't cross the streams!On the right side of the raised bed there’s a planter. It contains mint. Mint is an evil, invasive, rapacious invader.

Here’s a closeup. See those tendrils? It can sense the nearby carrots. Just on the other side of the stones there. If those tendrils reach the soil, it will lay waste to the entire garden, turning it into a giant bed of mint.

Then it will start on my house.

(Anybody read “The Ruins“?)

Did I mention the tomatos are too close together?


2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Nice to meet another young, (ahem) older gardener. I’m completely containers and this is my first year at it. But I’m learning. I meant to start a pot of mint this year but I forgot. Next year, I’ll put it on my list.

  2. Your garden is very spacious, but looking a lot empty. Why not fill it with some flowers plants?
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