A new SEO column

After a hiatus I have a new column posted on emediavitals.

This one’s about articles that land on page two of Google results for a given search. The vast majority of web searchers never look past the first page — which means these Page Two items are just itching to move up.


4 thoughts on “A new SEO column

  1. I do wonder how many of those searches stay in the first page because someone was looking for something quite specific and had no to reason to move on.

    Like if someone wanted to find ESPN’s homepage. The first result would be espn.com, and it wouldn’t matter much if anyone else got on the first page or not.

  2. Fair enough; I’m sure somebody’s got a stat (or guess) about the percentage of searches that are “branded search” as in your example. Would love to see granular data on those versus non-branded search, versus “fact” searches (looking for somebody’s date of birth for example).

    Regardless, page 1 >>> page 2, as I know from living in my own web stats.

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