Airports and journalists

I love this sign. It’s in the Providence Airport, which in spite of its airport code PVD is not in Providence. 

That’s not so bad. Stranger is landing in the Cincinnati Airport, which is in a different state. It’s in Florence, Kentucky. And thus, obviously, has the airport code CVG. Probably in reference to nearby Covington Kentucky, although the connection eludes me.

When you work in publishing you are trained early in your career to apply the ‘dirty mind test’ to all headlines, reading them aloud and thinking like Beavis and Butthead, in order to avoid accidentally splashing a double entrendre on your front page. If aviation officials had been given similar training, they might not have applied more logical airport codes, but they certainly would have found a safer designation for Pensacola (PNS).


8 thoughts on “Airports and journalists

  1. PNS is one of the airports the airline I work for goes to…and in all the years of working here, I never thought of the designator in THAT way.

    Now instead of thinking about the flights “from Tampa to Pensacola”, it’s “from Tampa to p—-” (fewer syllables; easier to say). So thanks a million. Hope I never say that out loud.

  2. Oh, yeah, and there actually is an airport in Cincinnati proper, but it’s LUK (Lunken Field). CVG does refer to Covington, but the airport is not actually within the city. It’s actually some other city (don’t know the name), but it’s so small, Covington is a major city by comparison.

  3. You’re welcome! :)

    I went to high school in Fort Thomas, quite near Covington. Florence is the town with the airport, and also proud home of the Boone County Rebels. A team we used to play in the Greater Cincinnati High School Chess League, south division.

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