Bisguier: a scene

GM Arthur Bisguier (born 1929) walks into the chess club and past my table. How are you, I ask?

“Surviving,” he says matter-of-factly.

He passes a guy sitting at the next table. Just surviving, the guy asks?

“I haven’t won a chess game in a month,” he says.

Then he gets to the last table, where John Curdo (born 1931) is sitting.

Curdo greets Bisguier with this:

“Hi, kid.”


5 thoughts on “Bisguier: a scene

  1. It’s a great thing to have him at the club. The first time I saw him at Amateur Team East, he bumped into me in an aisle and said, “j’adoube.” :)

    Recently at the club I heard him mentioning some one he was calling “Rubie.” None other than Rueben Fine.

    Good to see you’re playing again. I’ll be back in December. Team building for Parsippany begins soon!


  2. We invited Arthur to give a simul on a Sunday during the 1986 Chessorama Festival at Long Ridge Mall that saw about 5000 viewing the weekend event. He gave a great talk on chess that partly covered some of his travel experiences and played a large number of games simultaneously 12 boards that were constantly being filled by onlookers. We charged $3 a game! We raised a large amount, more than enough to cover his agreed to fee. What was most rememberable was his staying to finish games beyond the time our event was to close. Long Ridge Mall, Readers’ Digest, two banks, a raffle raised enough money for many prizes, a computer, and many sets, boards, and materials given to schools, hospitals, VA centers in Buffalo, Canandaigua and Rochester. The only downside was the stores would not let us display our collection of chess history as was done the week before at Midtown Plaza Mall that was highly praised. “The best display on chess I have ever seen. When I get back to Paris France, I am bringing this up to our club as a promotion tool.

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