I love bunnies

Especially braised.

First time I had it was at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston, where the founder of IDG brought several of us celebrating ten years of work at the company. This particular treatment, not braised, included several parts like the heart. Most of the rabbit was on the plate.

I had fantastic home-cooked rabbit at a friend’s farmhouse in France

A local restaurant Tastings had (until this week, sadly) a braised rabbit dish with gnocchi, paper-thin slices of radish, and little dollops of mascarpone. One of those combinations that may sound odd, but it was really perfect and delicious.


2 thoughts on “I love bunnies

  1. “Gnocchi” and “mascarpone”? These terms clearly mark you as an East Coast elitist who cares nothing for American values. (And also, I have no clue what they are. Googling…)

    Rabbit’s an interesting meat, although I wouldn’t have it everyday. It would probably have been better in the hands of someone who was familiar with cooking it.

    1. Actually here on the northeast coast it’s stubbornly pronounced “mars-capone”, I guess because of the local value of only pronouncing the letter R where it isn’t written. (Is that comment too elitist?)

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