Dear Mr Crabby Old Chessplayer #8


I can accept my male pattern baldness with grace, and my diminishing eyesight, and the cracking noise my knees are starting to make when I stand up too quickly. But why, MCOCP, why must I lose my ability to calculate tactics?! It isn’t fair!

Surely you of all people must have some recommendations for keeping my skills sharp in my advanced years?


Phil in Phoenix


Sorry, no idea what you’re talking about. I still calculate like a buzzsaw and ladies over 50 find me rakishly handsome.



7 thoughts on “Dear Mr Crabby Old Chessplayer #8

  1. Dear “Ill” Phil: Free. Ruthless. Always willing. No matter what people say, the time limits will make you a real man. Your hair will grow again; your knees will jump. Most important, however, your eyes will see.

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