SEO mashup

I got the opportunity to give a presentation at my parent company’s Global Product Line meeting in Boston.

A big part of the fun was the chance to hang out with Europeans and Australians. Had lunch with a colleague from Finland whom I first met about three years ago – nice to broaden your perspective in that way.

It was also very gratifying to get a lot of positive feedback on the presentation from editors literally all over the world.

As noted here before, a key path in my own transition to the digital publishing world has been to understand SEO, which has involved several hundred hours of reading and experimenting. Equally critical, though, has been looking into the worlds of marketing, ecommerce, and content strategy. By mulching all that together with my editing background, I have been able to devise some simple-but-unique editorial processes for using search engine and analytics data to improve how a site grows and serves its audience.

It was very cool to share these processes and discuss some incisive questions from the very smart people in the room, and then get emails from Denmark and Canada etc saying “we’re going to implement these ideas immediately!”


4 thoughts on “SEO mashup

  1. D’Oh! Outed.

    Actually I quit Strato (after 20 years) because I couldn’t justify spending so much time on a game; it interfered with chess :)


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