An Irish fort and a Roman colosseum

Crowd control in an ancient Roman colosseusm

My coworker Scott Berinato, who won virtually every national awards competition for editorial excellence during his years at CSO, wrote two very cool articles:

One about how the Roman colosseum at Pompeii beautifully illustrated concepts of crowd control and safety that even modern stadia don’t always incorporate.

Another about how the Bronze-age fort Dun Aengus, on an obscure island off the coast of Ireland, illustrated concepts of defense-in-depth that can usefully be applied to today’s computer networks.

These were highly visual articles in our magazine, and due to limitations of our online publishing system at the time, the illustrations and diagrams didn’t get posted.

But I just fixed that. Both are really smart and enjoyable articles, for history buffs as well as security wonks.

Why wasn’t high school history this fun? (Probably because I was in high school!)

irish fort demonstrates defense-in-depth