But thanks for interrupting nonetheless

I don’t want a car wash.

I don’t want my receipt.

I don’t care that I could have saved 3% by opening a rewards credit card.

I don’t want to clean up unused icons on my desktop.

I don’t want to view available wireless networks.

I don’t want to update my Dell Support Center.

I don’t want to renew my McAfee subscription.

I don’t want to download the new version of iTunes.

I don’t want to supersize my order for 50 cents more.

I don’t want to add a dessert.

And I don’t want a loyalty or membership card.


4 thoughts on “But thanks for interrupting nonetheless

  1. I don’t want a Barnes & Noble membership to save an extra 10% and 20% on all hardcovers. For Christ’s fucking sake, Amazon sells all books at 33% off (at least!), they boast a wider selection, more reviews, personalized recommendations…(Which, by the way, Amazon, I do not want unsolicited emails proffering these recommendations; I’ll look at then when I want to, thank you.) And, no, I do not want a free one-ounce Dixie cup filled with seasonal pumpkin flavored coffee. I hate coffee! Didn’t you know that?

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