My ‘top 5 musicians who fell farthest’ list

Mind you, I’m not talking about drug overdoses and bankruptcy and that sort of trivial stuff. I’m talking about bands whose quality gap is the greatest.

5. Chicago. From jazz-rock to Peter Cetera.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Have you ever listened to their early stuff? It’s super quirky/funky. Then they polished it up a bit and made some really good music. Their current stuff is just dullsville, in spite of the striking musicianship of Flea.

3. Jefferson Airplane / Starship. Go Ask Alice? Dreamy, trippy, epic. We Built This City (on Rock & Roll) was later voted Worst Song of the 80s. Think about that. And yes it really is that bad. Ironic for a song of that name – it isn’t rock & roll.

2. Billy Joel. Give 52nd Street a spin (since it’s vinyl) and then listen to We Didn’t Start the Fire. Something weird happened after he started considering himself a composer. Or maybe it was just the booze.

1. U2. It pains me to say it, but it’s true. Their trajectory has been much like the RHCPs, in a different style. Raw and emotional early, powerful at their peak (Joshua Tree), still interesting in the industrial phase, and now BORING BORING BORING. I was a huge U2 fan from October through probably Zooropa. Now I’m not.

What do you think? Who’d I miss?


9 thoughts on “My ‘top 5 musicians who fell farthest’ list

  1. Snoop Dogg’s gradual decline capped by his collaboration with Katy Perry in quintuple platinum hit “California Hurls”…

  2. dfan – I know Genesis fans protested their musical direction :) Know less about Yes, other than a radio hit or two.

    Denys – sorry for your loss :)

    I thought people (notably my wife) were going to object violently to this list, but so far I’ve heard noone come to the defense of these poor starving artists.

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