Season’s greetings, sorta

Liquid Egg Product has encouraged me to keep on being eclectic, or something like that, and although his blog makes my blog look laser focused on being dull, I’ll do my best.

Happily the holidays are nearly upon us, and that can only mean on thing: Search engine traffic to Eat Papa Eat, which post ranks #3 for said phrase on Google.

Which is particularly eclectic since the post itself has almost nothing to do with its source material (the admonition of Mrs Claus to a skinny Mr Claus), which is presumably what people are really looking for in Google. Nobody searches on this phrase in May. And nobody who uses it is looking for a roundup of dining experiences in Lansing, Michigan, which is what I give them.

If you really wanna brush up on your Christmas/New Year specials, please instead see The  top 5 Rankin-Bass characters.

If you’re a blogger, try this experiment: Entitle a post with a semi-famous movie quote and see if your post bubbles up in Google rankings over time. I’ll even link to it as long as it isn’t dirty.

There, that’s my holiday present to you.

(ps Apparently I trail Donnie by 14,000+ web visitors over the past four years. So get clickin’.)

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