Chess thinking, young and old

Max “Chainsaw” Euwe, world chess champ in the 30s, wrote a book contrasting how a chess master and a chess amateur think about the same position.

Here for your further illumination are the thought processes of a young chess expert versus an older chess expert (I have been both) analyzing the same position.

Young chess expert:

24.Bh3 Qf4 […Qf6 25.Nd5 Nxd5 26.cxd5 (not exd5 Re8) b4 27.Rc7 and doubles] 25.Ne2! Qh6 26.Bc1! g5 27.Bxd7 and after either recapture push h4 +=

Old chess expert:

Hm, can he get Nd5 in here somehow? Maybe my queen wants to be somewhere else. The queen wants… I think the queen said she wants a Mega Millions ticket. Is that Cumberland Farms in Holliston open til midnight? Oh crap, I didn’t call the chimney guy about the downdrafts.