Songs that should be 15 minutes long, or longer

Airbag – Radiohead

I’ve heard them play it live, and it’s a sonic tidal wave. Amazing intensity. (I’m pretty sure my parents would call this “noise”.)

Leave – REM

This one, on the other hand, I think is less compelling live. It’s a studio song. Hypnotic.

Less Cities, More Moving People – The FiXX

Honorable mentions: Zero – Smashing Pumpkins; Kashmir – Led Zepplin


9 thoughts on “Songs that should be 15 minutes long, or longer

  1. i dont really like music except for reggaeton…

    i find music stirs emotions… I don’t like emotions. just my 2cents.

  2. I did see them at Great Woods (it was called at the time) amphitheater probably on the Monster tour.

    Returned to work on Monday morning and mentioned I’d been at the concert; a coworker named Sue responded “Wow, Derek, I didn’t know you were cool.”

  3. I saw them back in 2003, right after they’d released the “Bad Day” single. It was a great show.

    I also like Radiohead and the Fixx, but I didn’t have anything particular to say about those two songs.

      1. Oooo, that’s a tricky one for me, mostly because I like the neat, 4-minutes-and-under ditties. Not that I don’t like longer, more ambient or epic music. But here are my choices:

        I completely zone out to this MGMT song. I don’t know if it’s the actual synthy hazed-out weirdness or what. They could write more lyrics to it and I’d listen to another 10 minutes, or they could just make it all synthy hazy fade-out and I’d listen to it.

        Another song that I completely zone out to. I didn’t even realize that it was only four minutes long. They could just loop it about five times.

        Mr. Gabriel, please write ten more verses, kthx.

        Mr. Sumner, please do likewise.

        Okay, so that was four, but still.

  4. Wow.

    MGMT totally unfamiliar, and I like it. Pardon my oldness but it reminds me in a certain way of Missing Persons from way back.

    Temper Trap? Brilliant call. Love that.

    Peter Gabriel? So? That was an amazing album.

    King of Pain? Not actually one of my favorites from them. One World (Not Three) is awesome. Andy Summers solo The Golden Wire has some really fun and quirky pop on it. Bought that in a discount cassette tape bin sometime in the early 90s.

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