Openings you’ve given up on

I quit playing the Benoni. In college I won ALL my Benonis, including the sacrificial win over a 2465-rated master. After college I believe I started LOSING all my Benonis. Kept trotting it out against strong players, hoping to capture lightning again, but instead I just got splattered over and over. Some really awful crushes.

In fact, for a long time in blitz I lost every Benoni WITH EITHER COLOR. Just dreadful results.

So I quit playing it. It had betrayed me :)

I quit playing the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit for completely different reasons. Just wanted to learn to play more classically. You know, learn chess. Good decision.

Recently it seems that 90% of the games I open with 1.d4 are countered with either a QGD or a QID. Seemed like a few years ago the Kings Indian was hot; now it’s almost easier to find a Budapest player than a KID defender. It struck me — there must be a lot of people who’ve tried the King’s Indian and then quit.

What about you — what openings have you cherished and then abandoned? And why?


8 thoughts on “Openings you’ve given up on

  1. Ha!

    I did leave quite a few off my own list. Then again most of them I only tinkered with (Old Indian, Tarrasch). I did play the Vienna for a good long time. And the Boden-Kieseritisky Gambit (not kidding) – I did some original analysis in that. What a waste of time :)

  2. Chess openings have their cycles of vogue, which are sometimes hard to explain. KID wasn’t even considered an opening before 1940 (Tarrasch gives double question marks to what now is considered a theory in his annotations to 1885 game), then it had a bout of popularity (Zurich 1953, for instance, has featured KID setups now considered classical); it waned somewhat again after Fischer’s departure from chess, and came back during Kasparov’s time.

    Considering how rich KID in various strategic ideas, it is almost certain it will be back in a full swing, replacing reliable, but boring QID and Slav.

  3. Right – works out well for me as Black; I like being “off cycle”! As White though, as you say, right now it’s kind of dull.

    Which reminds me to post later about my discovery of The Secret of Beating the Exchange French.

    Hope you are enjoying Storrs but MCC will miss your presence on board 1 !

  4. i suffered w/ the isolated queens pawn playing the tarrasch defense d4 d5 c4 e6 nc3 c5.

    the main line rubinstein is ok- but I kept having problems with sidelines like early b3 move etc.

    don’t like having an isolani- kind of killed the tarrasch for me

  5. The London was “my” opening for a while until I felt it went stagnant as i climbed up the class ladder. Stronger players knew how to handle the king side attack and “one trick pony” aspect of this opening. Once teh “surprise” was taken out of it, I realized that it really left White with a dull game with no edges.

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