USATE week

In 2007 I went straight to Parsippany from a week-long professional development course. See the brain overload post from that time.

I have a much weirder schedule leading up to the tournament this time, the details of which I’ll post next week. The highlight is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu meet this Thursday night, and no, I’ve never done BJJ before, unless you count “watching” as “doing”.

At any rate, I have done zero chess prep, and haven’t even mustered the brainpower for my annual Team Name Prediction Post (watch for a lot of references to The King’s Speech, Egypt, and Justin Bieber)  but will be attempting to blog from NJ with my usual blathering nonsense.

Wish me luck!

– Addendum: I have to burn a CD or three for the drive. Suggestions always welcome.


7 thoughts on “USATE week

  1. Music == “Massive Attack”, slightly old school, but nice for a drive.

    Chess Prep == who needs it at your level? – LOL

  2. “My level” is a carefully constructed illusion.

    150 points for opening prep
    75 points for good nutrition
    75 points for exercising and sleeping well during tourney
    45 points for experience

    Actual playing strength without bonus points = 1790ish

  3. OK, here’s a first stab at it:

    “The Cairo Can”
    “Bxh7+, The King’s Breach”
    “Black Pawn”
    “The Rook of Eli”
    “Diary of a Wimpy KID”

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