Outrunning the wind

Wired: One man’s quest to outrace the wind.

Completely fascinating. Another Thor Hyerdahl type: Basically by solving a brainteaser, Rick Cavallaro figured out a strategy for sailing directly downwind at a speed greater than the wind.

And everyone told him he’s an idiot.


8 thoughts on “Outrunning the wind

  1. the physics is badly explained in this article

    this guy is retarted for so many reasons…

    to start, gases don’t travel at any 1 defined speed they just apply pressure to surfaces.

    this is comical how stupid this guy is to go to so much trouble over this.

    gas speed is highly non-constant and non-trivial to define- those things you see on the weather channel are just very broad approximations.

    i hate people who try to prove how smart they are- and yet they are working on something totally pointless

  2. oh also, if the velocity of the balloon is confined to a straight path- as is the vehicle the author designed- you will see why he is wrong.

  3. I hardly think it’s totally pointless. As pointed out in the article, if it can save 7-10% of fuel used by cargo ships, that’s a pretty big deal.

    Disirregardles of the physics, a more efficient use of the power of the wind is useful.

    And chess is not pointless either. Retarded* yes, but not pointless.


    * In the literal sense of the word, at least to one’s social life.

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