Frozen assets

Caribou meat, like buffalo meat, is leaner than beef.

Gold is currently worth $1,500 dollars an ounce.

There’s a businessman who owns a slaughterhouse in Texas and raises Caribou in Alaska.

Nome, Alaska has a population of around 9,000 people.

Alaska Airlines flies combi flights with cargo in the front half and human passengers in the back half.

It’s relatively easy to move buildings in Nome because they have no foundations – they just sit atop permafrost.

Industrial gold prospecting in Alaska can involve pumping water into the ground to melt the permafrost, then scooping up huge mounds of dirt and dumping them into a processing machine such as a trommel.

The Texas businessman flies live Caribou out of Nome on combi-flights to get them to the slaughterhouse.

They have to turn on all the air jets in the cargo space to help calm the Caribou.

The Gold Prospectors Association of America will, for a fee, provide you all necessary equipment, food and instruction for six weeks of prospecting “on the gold filled beaches of Nome”.

Nervous Caribou poop a lot.


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