My forthcoming book

Rooked: A Novel of Love, Lies and Violence at the Chessboard takes place mostly on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The story features these characters, among others:

  • David and Chris Stonecipher, estranged American brothers in the field of candidates for the semi-vacant World Chess Championship
  • Other Grandmasters from Armenia, Russia and India
  • Bob McCurdy, a wealthy enigma financing the most lucrative Championship cycle ever
  • An IM who never looks up from his portable analysis board
  • A Greek chorus of two Eastern Europeans
  • Desdemona Albuquerque, a former stripper
  • Bark Bark, a 2.5-lb Yorkie who pees when he’s nervous
  • Rasputin, an ill-tempered 27-lb Norwegian Forest Cat (appears very late in the story)
  • Oh – and a Chinese restaurant named Hot Makes Yummy

The book features surprisingly little chess.


13 thoughts on “My forthcoming book

  1. Love the concept to DEATH (I hope it includes a GM found slumped over a board with no apparent cause of death, and a sticky note on his back that says “29. Bxh6! Dumbkopf.” Or something like that. Feel free to use this without acknowlegement). :)

  2. There’s a death in the first sentence, involving a slumped GM – it’s the catalyst for all that follows – but alas the cause is known!

  3. Keith: Ha ha, I made a funny :)

    Katrushka: Nope! At least I hope not. I played on a soccer team for years with various Armenian characters and he’s what might have happened if they had gone wrong somewhere.

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