Yes, by all means, please do call it a comeback

Back to the chess club last Tuesday. Incredibly, I’ve been away for almost a year. I did play USATE, and one or two rated games in the Fall, but that’s it.

Jeff Hall (1888) and I traded oversights for three hours. Really horrible stuff :)

So the rust removal process begins. Back to the tactics server (emrald). Back to blindfold on FICS (last login more than a year ago).

I’ve previously documented the ways rust affects my play.

How quickly do you find you can get “in form” after a layoff?


5 thoughts on “Yes, by all means, please do call it a comeback

  1. It’s like you never left… no really, you hadn’t played in a year? Didn’t notice…

  2. No idea. Unfortunately, I don’t I’ve ever made back into form before the next layoff begins . . . .

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