A short summer story

For years Mark has been driving by an expensive private beach club that has a dock going out into the ocean, and a diving board off the dock. Mark’s got three kids; a swanky membership isn’t in the budget. But every year he looks at the dock and says, we gotta get in there. That looks so fun.

So one summer morning the family is returning from somewhere and they have their bathing suits and Mark says, let’s stop at the club and ask if we can get a day pass or something. The front desk says there’s no day pass but kinda looks the other way and lets them in to see the place. Mark’s wife assumes that at some point they’ll get kicked out – especially because Mark in a swimming pool becomes, by his description and hers, basically a very tall seven-year-old. So Mark goes out on the dock and does cannonballs and so forth. There’s one kid out there who’s afraid to jump off the dock, and Mark starts psyching him up, and eventually the kid goes in and everybody on the dock erupts in cheering.

But now he’s REALLY drawn attention to himself. Sure enough, an official-looking woman walks up and says excuse me, but are you a member? Mark says no, we just asked to come in for a look-see. His wife watches this exchange and is ready to start packing up. But then the woman says, “Well I’m the manager and you and your family are welcome any time – just use my name at the desk – because you’re the kind of people we want to have here.”

I thought that was pretty cool all the way around.