The semi-indestructible Jerger wooden chess clock

Jerger wooden chess clock
Still tickin'
In time kids won’t know what “flag-fall” refers to, just as they won’t know why you “dial” a phone number.
I bought this Jerger clock this somewhere around 1985.
It still works, which as far as I know is not true of ANYTHING else I owned at that time.
It’s still “genau”  (accurate) and “gerauscharm” (silent, or more precisely, noise-poor), as the box proclaims. Yep, I’ve got the original box too.
I kinda hope it dies before I do.

10 thoughts on “The semi-indestructible Jerger wooden chess clock

  1. That is a beautiful thing. I have plastic clock that I’ve used for approx. 15 years, but I’ve played a whole lot of tournament games where my opponent suppliked one of these.

  2. I have one that is a few years older than yours and still in good working condition. It is like the old metal Tonka trucks from my youth, indestructible.

  3. Thanks for the comments – Robert, is the plastic one a USCF Master Quartz by any chance? Those were all the rage for a time. Neil – I remember those too!

  4. please ,can someone tell me if the clock is really silent.because my jerger clock makes a ticking noise all the was never used. i have the box and clock .they look brand new.after running the clock at full winds it does lose time while the wind is still strong after 8 to 10 hours.but it does make a sound.

  5. I had a Jerger Olympiad ages ago, but accidentally left it behind when I moved out of my roommate’s apartment. And of course he then proceeded to lose track of it. And now I note that Rochester chess is selling that Jerger for around 229 bucks, which makes me basically want to strangle my old roommate! :-)

  6. This is a very nice clock. I have one that looks just like the one pictured above. Since I bought my Chronos, I’ve given some thought to selling my Jerger. If anybody is interested, I can send pictures. My email is in my page:

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