A mathematical content manifesto

{Writing, video, audio, graphics} + Brains = Content

{Writing, video, audio, graphics} – Brains = Crap

Brains + Data  = Analysis

Data – Brains = Counting

Brains + Search data + Interviews + Social = Audience analysis

Search data – Brains = Counting

Content + Audience analysis + UX/UI = Excellent content

UX/UI + Social + Clarity + Brains = Findability

Audience analysis + Findability = SEO

Findability – Excellent content = Crap

Goals + Content + Audience analysis + UX/UI + SEO + Social = Content strategy

Content strategy = Winning

Removing Brains at any stage = Crap


6 thoughts on “A mathematical content manifesto

  1. i think your getting computer software and mathematics confused. Most of the mathematicians I know churn out lots of mathematical content despite being idiots. most of the things you are talking about are software/data related not mathematical per se. Maybe you should have titled your post as “A mathematical description of digital content” ?

  2. Definitely doesn’t hold up as a pure math/logic system, agreed.

    Can you take poetic license with math? It’s an oxymoron but we liberal arts types mustn’t be constrained by such trivialities…

    Okay I majored in Linguistics which isn’t really liberal arts – my dad the organic chemist would probably call it “a pseudo-science” :)

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