USATE 2012 preview

I intended to skip the US Amateur Team East (USATE) tournament in Parsippany, NJ this year – time, money, practice, ennui.

However, I got invited to play on a team rated 2192 (thank you, Matt!). Can’t turn THAT down!

I don’t recall how many teams were over 2190 last year, but going back to a photo of the 2010 wall chart, 2192 would have seeded us 5th or 6th.

Will look forward to playing a game (or six) in the relative luxury behind the ropes. I may blog less this year and spend more time during the tournament drilling some new opening lines I have been waiting to spring on the unsuspecting.

And now, off to the laboratory


6 thoughts on “USATE 2012 preview

    1. Hi Robert – I appreciate your offer :) Take anything you like. I have been crazy swamped with work for a long time now and haven’t mustered the energy to post new thoughts or submit old ones.

      My favorites are not terribly serious:

  1. Dear Derek, was hoping to see you and now seems possible at a less pressured moment? Despite being only 40 minutes away, maybe 35, getting in and out is too much wear and tear. I am staying at the Hilton, save energy for primary purpose.

    Six games in 2.3 days. Brutal. Last year, and I am not exaggerating, I felt like I had run the Ironman as distant as six days latter. A major being-essence cost.

    Shall we sit and have a glass of wine?

    Please let me know if you are staying, and if so, if you have inclination and time.

    Best, D a . vid Ko r.n 2 0 six, two 8 4- two 7 2 two., ce l . l.

  2. Hey David – Sounds good! Also round 4 is the famous “beer round” – big informal meetup in the lobby bar for $14 Amstel Lights. Good times.

    Interesting that I now have a busier social schedule in NJ than I do in Boston. :)

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