USATE 2012 round 2: Kissing your sister

We traveled all the way to NJ, and got to play… GM Bisguier’s team, most of whom are Metrowest Chess Club players. I played Dr. Ed Epp, accomplished academic, researcher, chessplayer and Boston Bruins hockey fan. I’ve already played probably 8 rated games against Dr. Epp. On board 4, Matt Phelps squared off against Bill Michaels – I don’t want to guess how many times they’ve played before.

With a high number of Boston teams, it’s inevitable that we run into each other. Doesn’t add a great deal of adventure to the tourney though. This time we prevailed 4-0, with board 2 WGM Anya Corke setting the tone by simply and cleanly overpowering her 2200-rated opponent with the black pieces.


  • There is a team here rated 2198. They are the SIXTH seed.
  • GMs in attendance, in addition to Bisguier: Joel Benjamin, Sagalchik, Ramirez, Yudasin, Hess, Kekelidze, and WGMs Goletiani and Corke.
  • At least two of the 2199 teams have already been clipped in two rounds: Cambridge Springers and Overrated.

That’s it for now. More to come

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