USATE round 3: Driving yourself crazy

Remember, you can’t mis-spell Parisppany without Paris!

One of Parsippany’s most excellent features is its divided highway, Route 10. While it is theoretically possible to drive to the hotel, check in, and not leave the premises for three days, that would deprive you of discovering the many joys of this semi-suburban gem. Here are a few navigation tips:

1. It’s possible to go from the Marriott to the Hilton without ever driving on Route 10. Once you know about the secret tiny back driveway of the Marriott lot, you’re home free. Just look on Google Maps at Malapardis Drive, Route 202, and Campus Drive.

2. To the first-time player, this looks like an exit from the Hilton parking lot:

sankyo very muchBut it’s a trap!

If you drive here, you will enter the parking area for Daiichi Sankyo, FROM WHICH THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!


Anyway, more navigation tips later.

Round 3 – a win behind the ropes! On board 7, we played the 2100-rated team that had chopped up Cambridge Springers in the previous round.

Denys and Anya won, Denys beating wonderkid James Black. I offered a draw heading into an ending I thought worse for me, though Denys thought perhaps better for me. Anyway, that’s my third game ever behind the ropes, all with black and my first half-point. Tougher pairings and even better games lie dead ahead!