FIDE-rated chess in Boston/RI

Get thee to the Metrowest Chess Club next Tuesday. Especially if you have a FIDE rating!


The open section will be FIDE rated this month. But we need more players who have international ratings, to help out those of us who don’t.

– Also, we need five more players to reach a threshhold that gets  TD Matt Phelps his Intergalactic Arbiter certification.

– What’s in it for you? Fun chess and easy money.

After the first round, there are only two masters entered. (The club championship, a closed round robin event, is being held concurrently and has siphoned 5 FIDE-rated masters out of the open event.) After Yedidia and Curdo, I’m the third seed. Curdo drew his game, I drew mine, and I believe Yedidia has half-point byes in rounds 2 and 3.

So if you’re a master and you jump in now, you get a retroactive .5 bye for the round completed, and you’re right in the hunt for first place ($140-$100-$80 is the prize structure).

– Goldberg, Rabin, Rizzitano, Vigorito, Harris, Bird, Reverby, Corke, Shmelov, etc – c’mon down!