The Fixx

cy curnin and the fixx, June 2012

People of a certain age probably remember the song “One Thing Leads to Another”. It was the breakout hit of The Fixx in 1983, from the second album Reach the Beach.

They actually did a lot more good stuff than that, and occasionally I listen to various Fixx tunes while I work. I’ve always been a fan particularly of the bright guitar sound and style of Jamie West-Oram.

So when (to my great surprise) an offer for tickets to a Fixx performance came around the office this month… “VIOLET JAM! A cocktail party featuring The Fixx, playing all the hits…” said the invite. At a hotel 3 minutes from work.

Sounds like another sad 80s revival, eh? These guys opened for The Police on their (final) Synchronicity tour. Now they’re playing cocktail hour at the Natick Crowne Plaza. More than likely, in fact, one imagines one or two original band members dragging the Fixx moniker around to try to cash in on nostalgia one last time.

Not so fast, sonny – or as Cy Curnin said (tongue in cheek) after blazing through a particularly powerful tune at the show, “STILL SOME JUICE IN THE OLD LEMON, WOT?”

What an awesome show!

Same five musicians who cut Reach the Beach. Played plenty of new music, and it sounded GREAT. They’ve been playing together and releasing new albums ever since the 80s. New album Beautiful Friction drops July 17th.

They’re way out of the spotlight, indeed – for me that just meant I got to stand next to the stage.

Jamie West-Oram and The Fixx, June 2012


5 thoughts on “The Fixx

  1. The crazy thing about The Fixx is that pretty much every single song of theirs is in a minor key. I think I spent an hour trawling through YouTube videos and eventually found one in a major key.

  2. 1. Shocking how fast you found this post :)

    2. Interesting! But not surprising in the sense that the lyrics are often very cerebral, so why not the music too.

    3. An exchange on stage, after a blistering guitar bit ended one song.
    Curnin: ” ‘Jamie West-Awesome’ is more like it! Saved me from ever having to get a real job. — Which I don’t think I ever thanked you for properly. So thank you.”
    West-Oram (only words he spoke all night): “Well the pleasure’s been mine, really.”

  3. Nice! I always liked the Fixx but seeing them live is similarly small venues twice in the span of a month back in 2004 turned me into a raving fan. Really looking forward to this new album (the word ‘album’ having nothing to do with format of release, although I see it’s gonna be on vinyl as well as CD and itunes). Thanks for the write up…

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