What the … knights can move BACKWARDS!?



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  1. Still photos don’t do justice to your somewhere-on-the-autism-spectrum rocking back and forth. I look forward to the cool breeze you’ll generate for me in picturesque Parsippany.

  2. derek, i assume you are playing at USATE again, as is your custom? i left nj, as you seem to know, to go to portland. i knew that i had to be back in the pacific northwest, but assuredly NOT, not, not seattle.

    trust me, its true. long story. basically, stopped up ni portland ME along the way, no mix-up–have to write fast here, much to do–to see what it was like. lovely people, the best, the very best, just not a place for me. no resonance.

    phone rings. i high level group found me. so i go to seattle to meet them. leader calls me, the morning i am to arrive, ‘david, i didnt want you to be shocked, when you meet me, but i am a princess of a nation’.

    you see derek, i was me. they didnt want someone else. they asked me if i had psychic experiences, like that time, ‘anyone seen derek s…’ and you walk across a parking lot, no? ok, call it synergistic phenomena if you want.

    they read all my blog, saw my youTube.

    so she says to me, ‘david, homeLand security asked me, if i thought they needed to be in our first meeting, and i told them, based on what i know about david, at this point, its not necessary’.

    i got this close to being in the whitehouse, doing first a project for the first lady. access to major cabinet. some would not like my writing this, now, or here. too bad.

    there were armed guards in all our meetings, mirrored rooms. they spent a week or two with me. once they dropped an envelop of prep material at my hotel room, at 3:35 am. ‘i will read it when i get up’. ‘no. you better read it then’. csi, xfiles, not sure what to call it.

    the thing is, i was the same person there, i am here. at blogger. amazing.

    they told me, just be you.

    they said, ‘david, whatever it is, you have an unusual combinations of skills that are of VERY great value’. true. its not what i can do. but the width of it all, from zen to wallstreet, to intuition, to spreadsheets, to now training for the ultramarathon, to gestalt verbatum school of directness.

    i told them, you realize, society as we know it is certain to collapse, not a question of if but when, question of how we plan where we get to in this avalanche. i told her this, she thanked me.

    would have met dali lama, princess of jordan.

    i could not get the top level security clearance, i was deeply devastated, the work of a lifetime, that close derek…

    my blog is active, has been. have you seen it? for the last year, amply.

    I did get to play in the us open blitz championship when i was in vancouver WA, last summer, and i crashed and burned, most unexpected. but asked yasser if he’d watch me, he did. stood behind me. amazing. he took 2nd out of 500+. he didnt watch me for more than one round, but most honored.

    he said he was laughing. why? ‘you were SO nervous’. that was and always has been a problem. i admit it, no lol aside. ouch.

    love to you, dk

    ps the nation didnt choose me, for my willingness to sit and calmly edit, at low speed…………….

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