I wrote a book

Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes, published by i30 Media, is available in all kinds of formats: PDF, Kindle, hardback, and others.

Content marketing has taken the business world by storm over the last few years. The basic idea is to stop bombarding potential customers with ads, and start providing them with the kinds of information that they need and can use – establishing your company as their indispensable information resource, ideally.

My book weaves together useful techniques for content marketing drawn from my journalism experience as well as from other disciplines including SEO/web analytics, inbound marketing, content strategy, and more. It’s got lots of good information for marketers who are new to content, journalists who are moving into marketing, small business owners, etc.

It was quite fun to write, in the exhausting sense of the word “fun” <g>. That’s how I spent my Christmas holidays.

So now I no longer have book envy. And if any of you have an opportunity to read the book, I’d love it if you could link to the website and/or offer an *honest* review on Amazon.com or GoodReads (no fake/spam reviews please, however well-intentioned). Thanks!


2 thoughts on “I wrote a book

  1. Wow wow wow, you wrote a book! Well congratulations, first of all. That sort of thing takes dedication. Definitely will check it out!

    I AM disappointed it wasn’t the novel you mapped out in the Book Envy post. Can’t have everything, I suppose.

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