…and started a new job

As of April 1 I am Editor in Chief of the Enterprise IT Group at FierceMarkets!

The group consists of six titles:

We’ll be making lots of improvements to the sites and the content itself. Big plans. Great fun.

I really like the company and the people. I am probably better suited to a smaller company that is willing to take more risks. The whole job change experience has me mulling over the nature of organizations and the things that can happen culturally as they grow, impeding both creativity and teamwork. Doesn’t have to be that way, but you probably have to do some work and be very mindful as a company to prevent it.

I also think a willingness to embrace change has become a core professional ability, certainly in my line of work anyway… Sad leaving CSO after a decade’s work, but it was time for new challenges, and a great decision.

Between this and the content marketing book, it’s been quite a year so far. With even more changes in store.


One thought on “…and started a new job

  1. Dear Derek, congratulations on your advancement. I am sure that whatever you do, you will do well. I really mean this. They, whoever ‘they’ are is lucky to have you.

    We all know annectdotally all that has been writen about transformation, change, being adaptive, motivation, leadership. It is as if saying the words makes it so, but in reality, as you suggest, it is so hard.

    As employees, we say that if we ever had the chance to lead, how we would be fair in a way others might not have been with us, but were not. But then it starts.

    You are leading, then you notice certain people show up, three hours late, then when they come in, a massive togo lunch, dripping all over their keyboard.

    So then you become the guy who says from here on out, we come in at nine, then the guy who checks the door at 8:59 am. Its sad, but there are reasons for things.

    Alternative? Its OK if you come in latter, but then what????

    So now your guy, who is literally 400 pounds and 5′-4″, agrees to try, you say, look, I know you are valuable. Here is what we will do. Just try to be here at ten, eleveen at the lattest. You are better off (not playing video games ALL night long)…

    So what he does, is come in on time, and NOT work, but eat.

    Coming to work is work, not using it as a place to eat. In my world, you eat before work or on break…. you are ready to go….

    So the muck is, its great to talk about change and evolution, but sometimes its a clean bathroom or being on time, or folks just saying please or thank you. Leading is hard! Much harder than most know!

    Best Regards, David Korn

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