And now, the hard part

The fun part of the Third Age has been turning Stockfish on tactical positions.

But that’s not really what I need. I mean it’s useful and eye-opening, but it’s fundamentally about finding stuff you didn’t *see*.

The hard part (for me) is in staring down my technical deficiencies.

I’m posting this now as a reminder to myself — I will plug in three or four positions from a just-completed, and somewhat deflating, two-day tournament. These are positions where my evaluation was off versus Stockfish, and/or I didn’t grasp how to put required pressure against a certain pawn configuration or piece setup.

This is about stuff you didn’t *understand*.

Those lessons are very concrete.

Improvement might come slowly, because there might be a lot of such positions.

This is the hard part.


2 thoughts on “And now, the hard part

  1. Ehm… Máš mou upřímnou soustrast… Budu držet palce, aby domů pÅ™iÅ¡el dopis se slovem “pÅ™ijata”… Já v úterý jedu podruhý do Brna, na nÄ›mčinu, to bude taky cesta… Navím, když vidím zadání z loňska, tak se mi podlamujou kolena v zoufalé hrůze…T_T A to radÅ¡i ani nemluvim o pátečních příjmačkách na pÅadel™katelství, z tÄ›ch mám nejvÄ›tší hrůzu, asi proto, že se tam chci nejvíc dostat…

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