Reassembler, a case study in persistent search engine visibility for old blog posts

Here are the top 12 Reassembler blog posts in readership this year. 11 of them are more than 2 years old, which means that all their visits at this point are coming from Google (unless there’s some really influential link out there somewhere that I’m not aware of).

Some of these are not surprising. Pop culture phrases make sense as something people would occasionally Google, and there isn’t a ton of competition for these semi-random utterances. (Good heavens Miss Sakamoto and Obscure movie lines stuck in your head just missed the list here too. Fingers crossed that’s all people Googling “I’m gonna slot up in here and put my thing down.”)

Anyhoo. The two that surprise me are Genre bending and Language acquisition and chess. On the latter, I can only imagine that most visitors are academic researchers who are sorely disappointed when they land here. Although the comments are really interesting.

Most of these posts were from 2007-2008. Not sure of all the confounding variables in the rankings, but one thing I noticed back in the day was that link love around the so-called blogosphere started to dry up; Mr. die Wahrheit, Esq. pointed this out by 2009. And Google counts links. It’s like we all doomed each other with our gradual lack of attention.

In another post I’ll list the top dozen most-read posts of all time. That’s a very different animal, because not all the readership came from organic search.