The fourth thing I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern spit out

Eureka! Years ago I noted that Bizarre Foods TV host Andrew Zimmern can eat almost anything. Almost.

But not durian, fried mullet roe, or tofu from the House of Unique Stink.

(That post lives on and on. It’s been viewed hundreds of times this year, though it was written seven years ago.)

But tonight … tonight I caught Mr. Zimmern of the Cast Iron Stomach in an episode in Guatemala.

He drank a tomato-juice-and-bull’s-eye-collagen cocktail. “It reminds me of celery!” He ate the ceviche of bull’s brains and testicles. “Delicious!” He ate the tripe stew and made a face of sublime pleasure.

And then he ate the cow’s spleen.

And he spit it out.