San Francisco, or a tiny part of it

I promised to post some pictures. Here are some, only two years late!

When we moved here I worked for the DC-based media company FierceMarkets, so I worked east coast hours out of our apartment in Tiburon.

Then after we’d been here for about 15 months, I took a new position at Ready State, a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. It’s like a Little Italy, bordering on Chinatown.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 7.52.22 PM

That’s Tiburon in red. North of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin County. You can also see North Beach indicated on the NE edge of San Francisco.

My commute to work went something like this.

Drive 5 minutes north to the Larkspur Ferry. Take the ferry past San Quentin prison, around the back of Angel Island, down into San Francisco Bay, past Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, to the ferry terminal building.

The Bay is crowded with commuter ferries, tiny sailboats, and these:


That’s the Bay Bridge behind the cargo ship. (The Bay Bridge is not the Golden Gate. It goes to Oakland.)

From ferry building, walk along the Embarcadero and through a park where (depending on the time of day) a flock of wild parrots might be squawking overhead.

Illegal parrot wrangling

Feeding them is illegal so presumably this woman is still rotting in a city jail cell.

Past the park, walk to the famous Transamerica building. This is the famous Transamerica building:


This is what happens when a North Beach art shop captures Transamerica vs Godzilla.

Transamerica vs Godzilla

Continuing along, studiously ignore the Scientology building and eventually pass Cafe Zoetrope. Francis Ford Coppola’s production company was called American Zoetrope. You can read about the connection on The Googles. I just think the architecture is cool.

Cafe Zoetrope

Now you are nearly in North Beach. You just have to walk through the strip bar intersection (Broadway and Columbus), very close to the famous City Lights bookstore and the less famous Beat (Poetry) Museum.

North Beach is not homogenous but a lot of it looks like this.

North Beach alley

Other parts look like this. (This address might technically be in Telegraph Hill, but it shows you the hillside lifestyle.)

North Beach

Our office is in a dead-end alley. This is my favorite neighbor.

North Beach neighbor

He doesn’t move. I love him. Pretty sure he is at least 200 years old. Possibly made completely of dust.

If you walk a few blocks past our office, uphill, you get to Coit Tower, another SF landmark. From the top you have a panoramic view of the Bay, the city and the Marin headlands.

Coit Tower

In the evening, I’d do the walk-and-ferry-ride routine in reverse. Very pleasant and strange. I felt like my commute was other people’s idea of a planned SF vacation.

And sometimes I’d come home to a sunset like this.

Tiburon sunset

Maybe in a couple more years :) I’ll get around to posting some photos from our hikes up in the headlands. Spectacular views.