Klytus, I’m bored. What plaything can you offer me today?

There’s something for everyone. There really is.

Long, long ago we mentioned competitive Rock Paper Scissors tournaments.

You may have seen news or video of  14-year-old Lucas Etter set a world record for solving Rubik’s Cube in less than 5 seconds. Just for fun, here he is doing 2×2 cubes. (Yes those exist too.)

I wonder if, as he does his preliminary examination, he mentally articulates a sequence of steps. I’m guessing it’s much more intuitive or reflexive than that, as with a good tactical chess player.

But hey, one Rubik’s cube is nothing. How about THIS guy?


200 cubes solved while killing 5 hours, you know, as he runs a marathon. Barefoot.

Um… but you know what? I bet that guy sucks at Rock Paper Scissors!

[Post title is Ming the Merciless in Flash Gordon. As mentioned by Tim in the comments on Dispatch War Rocket Ajax.]


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