A very short story

Man: There’s nothing magical about the couch. It just helps people to be comfortable. So they can focus on their thoughts.

Death [lying back, fidgeting]: I know there’s nothing magical about the couch.

Man: Okay. Great. So tell me what’s on your mind.

Death: It’s just that I keep hearing people use this phrase, all the time. ‘When I woke up this morning I felt like death.’

Man: And…?

Death: And they have no idea how I feel!

Man: That troubles you.

Death: I find it upsetting. It’s… It’s presumptuous.

Man: What else?

Death: That’s it. [gets up from the couch] I’ll go now.

Man: It’s good that you’ve recognized it.

Death: Thank you. Just needed to get it off my chest. [goes to the door] I’ll be back tomorrow.

Man: Um. Maybe not ’til after the long weekend?

Death [as he closes the door behind him]: Fine.