Happy 10th birthday, Reassembler!



6 thoughts on “Happy 10th birthday, Reassembler!

  1. Yay, happy 10th birthday!

    You are younger than:
    Time Cube (R.I.P.)

    You are older than:
    The Oatmeal
    “Shia LaBeouf” by Rob Cantor

    And Dreamweaver is still around. Cor. (You still use that stuff?)

    1. Thank you! You and The Alaskan were early to visit and stuck around long past any reason. :)

      Dreamweaver? Eh, no. Cor indeed.

      Believe it or not I didn’t know about Shia The Beef until about six months ago. Thank goodness I procreated or I would still be using a scythe and an ear trumpet.

    2. wrote a series of posts titled The Tolkien Tarot Spread (the Function of Fiction: part one, Patterns of Action: part two and Fiction and Diovtaniin: part three), that took a look at the structure and function of fiction,

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