Gorillaz and publishing

Wish I’d written this post about what publishing can learn from Gorillaz – thematically it would fit nicely here on Reassembler, don’t you think? – but alas I am not that smart. (You recall my fondness for Gorillaz.) Maybe I’ll finally knuckle down and write my “3 great misconceptions about Web publishing” series.

Thanks for stopping by

First Reassembler regular to show up: David K, right out of the blocks (mid-Jan 2007). Early comments from colleagues such as Rob O’Regan, Michael Goldberg, Michael Fitzgerald, Christopher Murray, David Churbuck , Fred Hapgood most ardently appreciated. First Matt Phelps comment: Feb 19 2007. Chessloser: April 2007. (I include Chessloser because I want to be … More Thanks for stopping by

Squidoo two

So Howard’s entirely accurate observations notwithstanding, I have created a few more “lenses” on Squidoo, including one on great books that didn’t have the shelf life they deserved. To a newcomer’s eye, Squidoo pages are mostly read by other Squidoo users – and at that, mostly because they’re there to promote pages of their own. … More Squidoo two

50 churches, give or take

David Churbuck, a former colleague who set me down the blogging path, has become a serial religious service visitor. He writes about it in his blog series 50 Churches, One Mosque, One Temple – a fascinating exploration of religion viewed respectfully by an outsider. Great photos and observations.

Wrath of Con

The good Dr. Von Hoffman has posted his annual survey of horrific marketing blunders. Gird up yer loins before reading, for quarter is neither asked nor given….