San Francisco, or a tiny part of it

I promised to post some pictures. Here are some, only two years late!

When we moved here I worked for the DC-based media company FierceMarkets, so I worked east coast hours out of our apartment in Tiburon.

Then after we’d been here for about 15 months, I took a new position at Ready State, a digital marketing agency based in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. It’s like a Little Italy, bordering on Chinatown. … More San Francisco, or a tiny part of it

…and started a new job

As of April 1 I am Editor in Chief of the Enterprise IT Group at FierceMarkets! The group consists of six titles: FierceCIO FierceCIO:TechWatch FierceEnterpriseCommunications FierceMobileIT FierceContentManagement FierceBigData We’ll be making lots of improvements to the sites and the content itself. Big plans. Great fun. I really like the company and the people. I am … More …and started a new job

I wrote a book

Online Content Marketing in 30 Minutes, published by i30 Media, is available in all kinds of formats: PDF, Kindle, hardback, and others. Content marketing has taken the business world by storm over the last few years. The basic idea is to stop bombarding potential customers with ads, and start providing them with the kinds of … More I wrote a book

Before Google

Google seems like a revolutionary company in some respects. Google Labs is just being shuttered, but it’s been chock full of experimental tools and toys for years, all free. Very cool. Employees are encouraged (required?) to set ridiculous quarterly performance goals for themselves – point being that if you think small and incremental, that’s all … More Before Google


Thank you all for many generous offers to help critique the alleged book. I’m working on it. Several thousand words of notes on people, places, chronology, lies, food, and so forth. In the meantime, said generous offers brought me to an even better idea: Instead of having each person *read* a chapter, why don’t we do a  … More Eureka


I think I can officially say “I’m writing a book.” It might stink, but it’ll be like a super-expanded Reassembler entry: By putting it on paper (so to speak) I’ll get it out of my head and move on. Chapter two is a bit delayed by the need to define the people, places and events … More Either/or