A very short story

Man: There’s nothing magical about the couch. It just helps people to be comfortable. So they can focus on their thoughts.

Death [lying back, fidgeting]: I know there’s nothing magical about the couch.

Man: Okay. Great. So tell me what’s on your mind. … More A very short story

The Fixx

People of a certain age probably remember the song “One Thing Leads to Another”. It was the breakout hit of The Fixx in 1983, from the second album Reach the Beach. They actually did a lot more good stuff than that, and occasionally I listen to various Fixx tunes while I work. I’ve always been … More The Fixx


When a journalist asked the British astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington if it was true that he was one of only three people  in the world who could understand Einstein’s relativity theories, Eddington considered deeply for a moment and replied: “I am trying to think who the third person is.” – from Bill Bryson’s book A … More Confidence

Les Claypool

Manic bass player and cornerstone of oddball rock group Primus. Once (with Primus on hiatus) formed a supergroup with Stewart Copeland (Police) and Trey Anastasio (Phish). They called themselves Oysterhead. If perchance you’ve heard of Primus, it’s mostly likely because of their most widely known number, Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver. Sophomoric double entendre aside, the … More Les Claypool

Worst possible choices to direct The Hobbit

Contributing editor Matt Phelps won the “Not-Bobby” contest in fine style – nominating Clint Howard as the WORST casting possible to play the lead role in a Bobby Fischer biopic. Well that was fun, wasn’t it? And now comes the news that Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) has opted out of directing the live-action films … More Worst possible choices to direct The Hobbit