MyFreshLocal on IndieGoGo

IndieGoGo is a website that helps individuals or startups raise money to accomplish a goal. Some of the projects are altruistic, others artsy, and so forth. My wife, who started learning about the US food system a decade ago to address health issues, is aiming to raise enough money to rebuild as a faster and … More MyFreshLocal on IndieGoGo

The perfect egg

At Tastings, a local food restaurant tucked into the back corner of Patriot Place, right next to Gillette Stadium: They serve a great linguine bolognese dish. Perched atop this nest of pasta sits the crispy farm egg. Said egg is first soft-boiled — very very soft. Then the shell is painstakingly removed. Waitresses tell us there’s … More The perfect egg

I love bunnies

Especially braised. First time I had it was at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston, where the founder of IDG brought several of us celebrating ten years of work at the company. This particular treatment, not braised, included several parts like the heart. Most of the rabbit was on the plate. I had fantastic home-cooked rabbit at a friend’s … More I love bunnies

Reassembled soup

An approximate recipe for Gazpacho: Throw a bunch of vegetables in the blender. All recipes have tomatoes and cucumber, but after that, some have tarragon and basil; others use chives and parsley. Some call for red wine vinegar, some for white. Some use red onions, some purple onions, some shallots. One common instruction in every recipe: … More Reassembled soup

Al dente, al dente

“To the tooth”, pasta checked (chewed) periodically during cooking to get just the right firm texture. There was an Italian restaurant in Marlboro, Mass years ago with an owner who constantly circled through the kitchen saying “al dente, al dente!” and sampling all the cooks’ pasta. If it was mushy, he’d throw it out and … More Al dente, al dente