The perpetrator

Moles don’t eat plants; they eat worms and grubs and insects. Unfortunately worms are important to my garden, so this guy had to be relocated. Didn’t take him far – if he’s like a chipmunk he’ll be back inside the fence in a day or two. Then more extreme measures will be required MWAH HA … More The perpetrator

Chipmunk hunter scoreboard

Chipmunks 2, Havaheart trap 2 Chipmunks 3,  bucket trap 0 Chipmunks 0, mousetrap 1  – that was an accident Chipmunks 0, rat trap 1  – that was not an accident Mice 1, Camry heating fan belt 0 Mice 0, mousetrap 1 Mice 0, mysterious feral neighborhood White Cat / Angel of Death 1

Chipmunk Hunter

Know this: No matter how quick a chipmunk may be, I will capture it. No matter how clever the burrowing rodent, I will detain it. No matter how Belichickian in confidence, no matter how carefree it may be in cavorting across the steps of my front porch, no matter how deeply it may have dug … More Chipmunk Hunter

Discovery Channel is off the poop list

I was rather miffed by the apparent bot-marketing comments posted by ‘DiscoveryChannel’ on my quasi-Deadliest-Catch-related post titled Grinding. So, I posted an unpleasant response in the comments and also sent an unpleasant email to some obscure address (info @ whatever) I dredged up on the Discovery Channel site. Assumed I was ranting into the wind … More Discovery Channel is off the poop list


Crabbing, cooking, and search engine optimization. What do they have in common? The crab boats in the Bering Sea frequently work 12, 18, 24-hour shifts. Hard, dangerous, physical tasks that slowly reduce the deckhands to robotic workers. They call it grinding. Pot after pot after pot. Catering a large meal or working a long shift, line … More Grinding

The unity of knowledge

Consilience refers to the puddling-together of all knowledge, breaking down silos and disciplinary divides to arrive at universal truths and principles. It’s about the interrelatedness of everything. The term was coined in 1840, according to our good friends at Wikipedia, who go on to say, Modern views understand that each branch of knowledge studies a subset … More The unity of knowledge