A very short story

Man: There’s nothing magical about the couch. It just helps people to be comfortable. So they can focus on their thoughts.

Death [lying back, fidgeting]: I know there’s nothing magical about the couch.

Man: Okay. Great. So tell me what’s on your mind. … More A very short story


Thank you all for many generous offers to help critique the alleged book. I’m working on it. Several thousand words of notes on people, places, chronology, lies, food, and so forth. In the meantime, said generous offers brought me to an even better idea: Instead of having each person *read* a chapter, why don’t we do a  … More Eureka


I think I can officially say “I’m writing a book.” It might stink, but it’ll be like a super-expanded Reassembler entry: By putting it on paper (so to speak) I’ll get it out of my head and move on. Chapter two is a bit delayed by the need to define the people, places and events … More Either/or

Rooked, first chapter

Something like this. Names, details, word choice, subject matter — anything could change and probably will. Resemblance to actual events or persons is merely a jumping-off point. Feedback most welcome. World Chess Champion Viktor Kravchuk, narrowly leading a small tournament field in Copenhagen, picked up a knight to make the 27th move of his fifth-round … More Rooked, first chapter

My forthcoming book

Rooked: A Novel of Love, Lies and Violence at the Chessboard takes place mostly on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The story features these characters, among others: David and Chris Stonecipher, estranged American brothers in the field of candidates for the semi-vacant World Chess Championship Other Grandmasters from Armenia, Russia and India Bob McCurdy, a wealthy enigma … More My forthcoming book

Distinct voices

This woman,  Joanna Newsom, sounds weird. This is nothing like her speaking voice. Why would you sing in such an odd manner? Well, she’s far from the only one to adopt a strange affectation for performance. Did you know Barry Gibb didn’t sing in falsetto until 1974, when the Brothers Gibb had already been performing together for … More Distinct voices