The fourth thing I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern spit out

Eureka! Years ago I noted that Bizarre Foods TV host Andrew Zimmern can eat almost anything. Almost. But not durian, fried mullet roe, or tofu from the House of Unique Stink. (That post lives on and on. It’s been viewed hundreds of times this year, though it was written seven years ago.) But tonight …… More The fourth thing I’ve seen Andrew Zimmern spit out


Hydroponics is raising plants in water rather than soil. Aquaponics takes that concept a step further. Raise fish or other aquatic organisms in the water and you can make a largely self-sustaining system. Fish waste adds nutrients to the water, feeding the plants. And at the end of the day you can have tilapia with mixed… More Aquaponics

Harissa on pizza

Harissa is a spicy North African paste. Imagine ketchup with personality instead of sugar. (And peppers instead of tomatoes.) We got some to season meat cooked in our tagine cookpot. But on a whim I just mixed it into the sauce for grilled pizza. Fantastic!