Casu marzu

Maggot cheese. The weeping cheese of death. Next in our occasional series of foods “enhanced” by mold, rot or worse: Casu marzu is a Sardinian cheese intentionally infected with maggot larvae, which cause the cheese to ferment rapidly. Here’s the trick. You have to eat it while the maggots are alive. Once they die, the … More Casu marzu


Recall that in France, there’s a fungus called noble rot –  an ugly blight that concentrates the juices of the infected grapes and makes rare and valuable wine. Just discovered that in Mexico, there’s a fungus called corn smut, known locally as huitlacoche (“weet-la-kosh” with a long o), which I believe translates literally to “raven poop”, and that’s … More Huitlachoche

Noble rot

So there’s this, like, fungus, right? And it’s called Botrytis and it grows on grapes and stuff. And most fungus ruins grapes, especially wine grapes. Right? But some like French dude figured out that Botrytis cinerea sucks all the water out of grapes and actually like concentrates their flavor, and Botrytis wines sometimes are like better and more … More Noble rot

Daikon ravioli

If my wife had been present, she would have gotten very ill watching me eat my sushi. First they gave me the unidentified appetizer dish, the “he eats here a lot, give him a freebie” mini-dish. Profound surprise follows: It tasted… fishy. I didn’t ask what it was but I ate it. Fishy in moderation … More Daikon ravioli